Are you a product or service based business owner? 

Do you use social media to grow your network online?

If so you will know that with so many social media channels and constantly changing algorithms it's getting harder and harder to be seen. 

That's why we've simplified what's needed to grow your network online, and created a proven system to help you do  it in under 60mins per day -  leaving you enough time to focus on what you do best, running your business!

What is it? 

A daily practice made up of 60 mins of tasks broken down into 10 min focus sessions. 

Focussing on key elements such as interaction, affiliates, creating a follow up procedure plus much more! 

Why do I need it? 

As a busy working Mum I understand how difficult it can be to consistently grow your network and struggle to be seen in the sea of social accounts, amongst lots of offers similar to yours!

What does it contain? 

  • Front cover 

  • Explanation of the 6 key areas you should be focusing on to grow your network and business 

  • Journal Sheets x31 pages (enough for a whole month)

  • Back cover 

'The Power Hour' can be completed in one full 60 min session or in separate 10 mins sessions throughout the day...
Think about it! How many "10 mins" have you got throughout the day?
10 mins on the way to pick the kids up from school, or 10 mins whilst cooking the dinner, 10 mins during your lunchbreak... 
You DO have the time, so if you REALLY want to grow your business, you could even complete TWO Power Hours! This system works completely around you and how much time you can commit to your business. 


If you are thinking of becoming self-employed or have recently decided to take the step to being your own boss this handy downloadable PDF guide explains everything you need.

Do you know the difference between a sole trader and a limited company? What taxes do you need to consider? What are your responsibilities as a business owner?

Find out everything in the one easy to understand guide.

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Guide to Self-Assessment for NMers Page

If you are a business owner with any network marketing / direct sales / MLM company you might felt a bit overwhelmed with what you can claim as an expense, or when you need to register for self-assessment.

Here is a quick handy downloadable PDF guide with everything you need to know.